Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

Worst Musical

Tonight I visit with a friend, HEMA the musical, the subtitle “worst musical ever” is a play on words. Department store HEMA is well-known in the Netherlands for their warm smoked sausages, or worst as we call them.

It’s set in a typical store with an international mix of staff, just as any of their stores have. Moroccan girls, grandmothers and their grand children who work there, a chef who thinks he’s better than the rest of them, and your lovable gay salesperson.

The trailer is in Dutch only, the costumes are not like they wear them in the store, there they wear colorful sweaters and polo shirts.

Bruised & Broken

First this is not me! But my dear Big Sis slipped while on vacation in Southern Italy, 3 weeks ago. At the time she didn’t get her foot checked at a local hospital, as any normal person [with insurance] would do, but she taped it herself and staggered on.

Before catching her plane from Naples, a week later, she phoned her GP to make an appointment for the next day, which was granted. After seeing her GP her doctor phoned the hospital for an immediate X-ray, and after the photo was taken she heard she couldn’t leave the hospital for some time. First the swelling had to come down, but until that happened she would go into plaster. Of course after a week she was bored. You’re not really sick, but you can’t go places, and if you can only in a wheelchair with your leg up.

Last weekend she could go home for one night. The hospital had arranged a special bed, a wheelchair and a commode in ther livingroom. Her youngest son has put all her favorite TV series on USB-sticks so she can watch them on her laptop when she’s back at the hospital.

By the time this post goes up, she’ll be in surgery, six metatarsals are broken, one bone is dislodged, pins and plates will be used to align them back in place. And she’ll be in plaster for the coming 6 weeks.

And all she’s worried about is… if she has to wear orthopedic shoes [clogs] like I do. Another minor point is when the surgeon told her that the rehabilitation time would be between 12 to 18 months.

Sis, remember you were there, September 24, 2001 when my first plaster went around my foot and leg, later feet and legs, I was in it for two years and my rehabilitation period will end when I die. I’m glad I’m still a phase 2 with the Charcot disease**. I don’t like my clogs, but they give me support and a chance to walk, not long distances, but I’m getting there… in the end.  

* Photo of the broken foot comes from the Internet, hope that person healed to full recovery.
** Phase 3 is wearing “Bermuda shorts” summer and winter, because your legs are amputated below the knee.
    Phase 4 is… R.I.P.