Best Of Amsterdam #18 – Check Your Oil

Meeuwig & Zn is the place to be for oil, vinegar and mustard.

They import tens of thousands of gallons of top-quality extra virgin olive oil from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and Turkey.

In addition to import they also sell nut oils, pumpkin seed oil, argan oil, wine vinegars, balsamic vinegar’s, German, French, English and Belgian mustards and mayonnaises, Greek, French, Spanish and Italian olives, capers in salt and vinegar, San Marzano tomatoes, pan carasau, grissini , pizza crocantina, tortas d’aceite, fried in olive oil Spanish chips, canned fish, pimentón La Vera, harissa from Marseille, brandade de Nîmes, artichokes in olive oil, Maldonzout, Sel de Guérande, fresh pesto and tapenade, not to mention their own book [in Dutch] about olive oil & recipes… 

In their shop on the Haarlemmerstraat 70 near the Central Station, all kinds of olive oil and most types of mustard and vinegar can be tasted at all times.

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Meeuwig & Zn
Haarlemmerstraat 70
1013 ET Amsterdam

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  1. Another great tip for my brother-in-law for the next time he’s in town. As for me, I’d have to cook to make use of any of these things… and that’s not about to happen!

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