They’re Back… The Hordes

It’s Queen’s Day in the Netherlands, the un-official birthday of HRH Queen Beatrix [January 31]. And the hordes of the countryside have flooded the city again. A friend who lives in the center of the town, can’t even reach his garden plot just outside the city limits, to flee the masses.

For me it’s not that bad, I just live 3 streets from the city limits and only have to cross, by using a tunnel, the motorway to be in the countryside.

In the shopping mall across the street a flea market is going on. Kids have marked the plots of where they want to sell their second-hand goods [aka junk] days before. They’ve done that with duct-tape or crayons, while at every entrance to the mall it says that’s forbidden. [When I still had a store in that mall, it was hell to remove those markings the next day]. This flea market happens all over the city! Which brings the hordes of provincials to town.

I’ll watch HRH and her family on TV this morning when she visits Rhenen and Veenendaal, and if the weather stays fair, it’s now 11°C and sunny, I’ll hop on the scooter and go to greener pastures in the countryside, away from the hordes.

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