Training Has Stopped !

Late last night I was over the moon, this morning I was back on earth. A good nights sleep and checking my feet after the walk was in order.

Left foot just as it was the day before. Right foot, 4 toes as the day before, but digit 4 was black and blue.

So I’m back in my specially made slippers, and taking long periods of rest again.

Just wondering what my tuxedo looks like with those slippers in 3 weeks time…

4 thoughts on “Training Has Stopped !

  1. What? No elegant patent leather tuxedo slippers available? I would have thought you’d have that covered. 😉 Seriously, be careful my friend.
    I am sure all this is extremely frustrating for an active guy like yourself. Do what you have to do and who knows what will be in 3 weeks time?

  2. Three weeks to go. Take good care and maybe it won’t be a problem. But, just in case you might want to look for some elegant “tuxedo slippers.” I’m sure you can find some!

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