In Training

We, good friend and neighbor Corrie and I, went to the theater last night. We saw the rock-musical Next to Normal, in the Dutch version. Because of the weather we took bus and tram to get there, which also took us a walk of 15 minutes one way.

Just last week I’ve started walking in shoes again. Every day a bit longer. Now I wore them 6 hours at a time. I noticed the left sole is not as high as the right, so I’ll have that corrected when I go in for my next check-up in a weeks time. I don’t want to bother them before that, I’ve got other shoes I can wear in the mean time.

In less than 3 weeks time the European convention of master tailors starts, and then I have to walk a bit more than what I’ve done today. I’m getting there slowly, and I don’t have to walk the full 820 km / 510 miles! 😉


4 thoughts on “In Training

  1. Great to hear you’re walking Peter! That’s made my day! Poco a poco, as they say here….

  2. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s good to hear that your hard work and patience has been rewarded just in time to enjoy the spring.

  3. So, how was “Next to Normal”? I myself don’t think I’d like the Dutch version… since all in can say in Dutch are dank-u-vell and alst-u-bleeft (that’s all I can SAY in Dutch, not SPELL it). So glad to hear you’re back in shoes. Six hours is a long time. Wonderful. After the convention, you’ll have to take a walk over to Sevilla!

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