A Dogably PAWfect Day #47 – Sweet 16


Hi boyz and girlz, it’s me Julius! I’m taking a beauty sleep, or that’s what I’m telling others. I may look like a puppy, but I’m over 16, not months but years. Getting my fur cut shaves off years too, only my bones, muscles, eyes and ears don’t get any younger. But my nose leads me everywhere.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and if you have time also visit my four-legged friends Ms Truvy, the Tramp and their human Sean @ Just A Jeep Guy,
Lucy, Sable and Rick @ It’s a Ruff Ruff World,
Sadie Mae and Ray @ Ray’s Cowboy [NSFW] and
Cubs + Buddy Bear @ One Step At A Time [NSFW] and join in all the doggy fun.

Author: Peter

I'm a man from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “A Dogably PAWfect Day #47 – Sweet 16

  1. Have a great weekend Julius and please, send my best regards to Peter!😉

  2. So sweet. I can stare, and often do, at Truvy when she sleeps. Tramp, not so much.

    Happy Birthday Julius!

    Let sleeping dogs lie.


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