Weather Gods Worked In My Favor

Photo taken yesterday in Pathé Arena #14, from the backrow towards the IMAX screen.

Tuesday morning, the alarm went off at 6.30 and by seven I was on my way for my weekly feet check-up. Outside it was drizzling and cold but slowly it cleared. My official appointment was at 8.40, but by eight I was already sitting on the inspection table, waiting for my turn.

By 8.30 I left the department, I will not return here for the next 3½ weeks. [if all goes well]. The wounds have healed themselves with the help of antibiotics, the long rests I still take and of course the good advice of doctors and nurses.

I planned to see a movie in a multiplex in this part of town around noon, but only if the weather would be doable. So no slashing rains or freezing temperatures. Normally I just go home after a check-up but ‘Wrath of the Titans’ was showing in 3D, and I saw ‘Clash of the Titans’ just a few weeks ago again on TV. So there I was in this fast cinema, 800 seats to choose from… so I took the one in the middle on the last row, and was surrounded by Gods and mortals for the next 99 minutes.

On the way home, I still had 90 minutes to travel, the sun was shining, a spring breeze blowing through my hair [whats left of it of course], while my own “Pegasus” chucked along at 6 miles an hour. Almost home the first drops of rain came down again.

In a few hours I’m on my way again to the same hospital, but a different department. We’re going to talk, and I hope order, an insulin pump system because my blood sugar levels are all over the place except the right one. On Saturday night my meter even said HI, which sounds friendly but was the wrong kind. The levels were off the scale and too high. An extra shot of insulin brought them back to a normal level. I’m not sure if I’m going to see another movie at the complex, John Carter is tempting… but I’ve got another appointment tomorrow, same hospital, again a different department, but an earlier time.

That’s what you get with early retirement, time to go places. 😉

3 thoughts on “Weather Gods Worked In My Favor

  1. Good news bad news day – at least you got to see a movie. How was it?

    My ex (also named Peter) used a pump (this was 10 years ago now) and it was fairly easy (he was an EMT) but the biggest/most important thing I learned was that there are two types of insulin – fast acting and slow acting. Also, the fast acting had a less then 10% variable rate where as the slow acting could vary unto 80%. What he explained to me was that you could eat the same, sleep the same and exert the same amount of energy every day for a week and you insulin level could vary greatly because of the slow acting variability. The pump helped him keep his level in a narrow range and significantly improved his AC1. I hope you get it.

    I used to joke that it was like having sex with a cyborg. He usually laughed.

  2. I didn’t like John Carter, I saw the 3D movie this afternoon.
    The preview was a bit like Avatar, but the real movie was just a flimsy substraction of the preview.

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