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Best Of Amsterdam #14 – Pickles

For the best pickles in town you go to De Leeuw on Vrijheidslaan 78, but beware they’re only open 3 days a week. Those days are, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, on sabbath they are of course closed.

They opened their doors in 1850 and ever since they’ve made their pickles themselves. Yellow gherkins, sauerkraut, Amsterdam onions, liverwurst, anything that can be pickled and fits in the Jewish food pattern can be found here.

In the time before the common fridge people pickled, or salted their food to keep it fresh for a longer period. Nowadays we still like the taste of sour produce, because it lifts up the rest of what’s on your plate.

One would think that after over 150 years of being in business, their shelving system would be more professional, but the product is more important than the shelving, in their oppinion.

Their pickles can also be bought in speciality shops around town.

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De Leeuw Zuurwaren
Vrijheidslaan 78
1078 PP Amsterdam