Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

A Dogably Pawfect Day #41

Hi boyz and girlz, it’s me Julius. I had a pawfect day today. While going for morning walkies we ended up on the other side of town. First I did of course my business, corner of the building, first tree, corner of the bridge, lamppost and then Peter tricked me on the scooter.

We went all the way to Noordermarkt, Peter for coffee and I… went along 😉 and had a few bites of his ham/cheese sandwich and drank some water Peter brought with him. Next he did some of his shopping on the organic market before we went back home.

It’s nice to sit on the scooter, but going up and down the canal and the IJ waterway twice, sometimes you just have to go again. So I was delighted when we drove the last leg of our round trip along the North-Holland canal where I could do my “thing” again.

As soon as we were home again, I just dropped and went to sleep, I even didn’t hear one of my keepers coming in to pick me up. So you know I’m not good as a guard dog, but still have a lot of love to give. Peter has noticed my blindness has gone further down the hill, same as my hearing [that’s why I didn’t wake up]. Also my limp has worsened, I’m not letting them touch my left front paw. Peter and his sister mumbled something about reaching the age of 17 in the near future, but I don’t know of any humans in that age category. The only one reaching 17 soon is me.

Okay, I’m off to my own home. Woof to you later!

P.S.  @UrSpo, I didn’t eat the snert but I did get some pieces of smoked sausage that floats in it!

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