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Best Of Amsterdam #05 – Delicatessen

In every capital city in the world you’ll find delicatessen stores, so also in this one. Caulils is named after its owner Maarten van Caulil, and he started it in 2002 after working as a wine waiter at several top restaurants and being a wine merchant.

He was recently [November 2011] awarded Best Food Specialist Store in the Netherlands, on February 1 we also will know if he’ll be the best store in NL, an award by NLstreets. Since he’s the only one nominated in Amsterdam, he’s a winner already in my eyes.

His store is not the cheapest place, something he doesn’t want to be, he only wants the best quality which comes with a price. But people from all walks of life shop here, some less frequent then others, but what they buy is a treat for themselves or guests.

Caulils delicatessen & catering
Haarlemmerstraat 115
1013 EM Amsterdam

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