Taking a rest is a hard thing for me to do. Even when they are doctor’s orders. Yesterday my rehabilitation specialist forced me to take some steps back.

I’ve got 2 wounds on my right foot and one on the left, the largest one is under my right foot and measures less than an inch square. How I got it I don’t know, but when I went to bed on Thursday there was a red spot on the floor which I brushed away with my sock and my first reaction was “BLOOD !”. Stripping my support stockings and grabbing the hand mirror to look what caused it and it showed a bloody blister.

My medical kit with special iodine, Aquacel AG, adhesive plasters and felt which is always within reach was now  great help too. I cut out the felt like a horse-shoe, pressed out the left over moisture from the blister, added iodine, a cut off piece of the Aquacel, the largest plaster I have and stuck it under my foot. Then the horse-shoe cut felt was stuck over it and all secured with a broad piece of paper plaster. One done another two to go.

On Friday I called the department to see if they could fit me in on short notice, it was hard until I asked how they liked the chocolates… I was squeezed in at 9.40. Little did I know what time I would arrive on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning the alarm clock went off at seven, I booked a trip to be picked up at 8 so if things would go alright I would arrive around nine, just enough time to get a large cappuccino and something to eat. Just before 7.30 my cell rang and the driver said she would be “a bit” early since she had a lot of passengers around eight and couldn’t take me onboard then. So I arrived before the department opened at 8. I brought some ‘bribes’ with me, the same chocolates they liked so much.

They cut away some lose flesh, a chunk of callus and then they patched me up again. Then I could go for my Java. I was on my way back home at 9.30, ten minutes before I would have my appointment. And since I do almost nothing, drinking tea, reading a book, watching TV with my feet on a low stool, or taking a nap in my chair during the afternoon, I’m not really tired. Before I go to bed in the evening all the dressings come off, I check the wounds with the hand-mirror and start re-dressing it again, which is far easier when you sit on the other side BTW. Thank the Goddess for cohesive elastic fixation bandages! You just have to apply it right so it will be still in place the next morning and otherwise you just start over again.

5 thoughts on “Rest

  1. I’m trying to take a break here but I saw this post title and thought I should come over. I hope that you are doing better today. I need to stop complaining about every “little” thing wrong with me. Obviously, others have it worse.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Guys, there are people who are worse off. I just have problems with sitting still, not walking to much. On the other hand the weather helps, if its not raining the temps drop to somewhere around zero Celsius. Not a good temperature to go out driving to town, the batteries would be empty before I reached the ferry.

    I still visit my parents every other day to relief my Dad from the pressure of taking care for my Mum. I was lucky Big Sis arrived on Tuesday afternoon, from up north. Yesterday she took my Dad shopping at the professional supermarket [for restaurants and hotels], so while doing that they could talk. In the mean time I took care of Mum. Sis likes to bake, so I gave her 1 kilo of chocolate couverture [from you-know-who], something she looked for at the professional supermarket but couldn’t find, just as a thank you.

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