A Dogably Pawfect Day #34

Hello boyz and girlz, it’s me Julius. I’m a bit furious at Peter, he stole my catch phrase in yesterday’s post. On the other hand I see it as recognition for all my work on this site. I appear on these pages 95 times, todays post included.

Jon @ DeepBlue had a question for me, he wanted to know if I typed these words on a Braille keyboard. I can tell you I don’t, Peter bought a secondhand voice-to-word machine for me, I bark and words appear on the screen. Then I use spell-check and the rest is done in a jiffy.

Just so you know, Peter doesn’t own a ‘Pomme’.

Since this is my first Pawfect Day post in the New Year I’ll show you… puppies. When I have my fur done they alsways say I look like a puppy. When they ask how old I am and Peter tells them 16, they think I’m just 16 months old, [stoopid humans, don’t they see I’m much wiser than those young ones!].

So, here they are:

BTW, I think #4 looks hot, she could have been my best mate… if she was born 14 years ago.

Also visit my friends Ms Truvy & the Tramp at woofylisious Sean @ Just-a-Jeep-Guy and our other dog-friend Rick @ Its a Ruff Ruff World, and join in all the doggy fun.

3 thoughts on “A Dogably Pawfect Day #34

  1. Dear Julius, I hope you won’t be too upset that Peter stole your material. I agree with you, #4’s a cute pup. About the size of someone I know.

    Dear Peter, There you go again, pumping up your site stats with puppy pictures… Works every time.


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