Daily Archives: December 9, 2011


It’s almost as if I’m falling apart at the seams… A desperate email send to one of my doctors last week, has turned into an unexpected visit to one of her colleagues yesterday. Next to the beginning neuropathy in my hands I’ve got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [CTS] in both.

I’ve got great physicians, only the reception staff of the department can make it difficult for you to make an appointment. It’s a specialized feet department, but my rehabilitation physician doesn’t do only feet but hands too. Only I’m not know in their books as a hand[y] patient. I could only make a verbal consult, by phone, which would be somewhere next week. But an email to Dr A has resulted in a quick view by Dr T, yesterday, and immediate action by an orthopedic specialist who fitted me with a brace for my right hand, the one which is most infected, but also the one I use most. [Not that way!] At the moment only to be worn in the evening and during the night, if it helps, my left hand gets one too.