I’ve thought of skipping a doctor’s appointment coming next Monday, but have decided against it after todays talk with my diabetes specialist. My blood sugar results are way to high, they’re alright in the morning but during the day they only go up, a bit down and then up, up, up again.

I’ve to work harder to get them down, down, down. BTW she has seen the results of last month, and they both share the same file so what’s the use of skipping…

It almost sounds if I’m afraid of seeing Peter [the doctor], I do feel I let him down after what we talked about 3 months ago.

3 thoughts on “Skipping…

  1. A doctor has a patient who has not done exactly what they were supposed to or achieved the result he was supposed to? I think doctors are quite accustomed to this.

  2. I get this frequently – patients avoiding me because they are pained/embarrassed for not doing what they said they would do.

  3. I felt foolish going to one and not going to the other while they share the same file / info about me. So I’ll see them both. Have to rethink about what makes the differences in the bloodsugar levels and act on that.

    I made a promiss with specialist #1, with a handshake, I would be in touch with her each fortnight. For my own good I better stick to that. We discussed also something else, another operation, for which I need a regular HBA1c of 53 [7.0], or they both wont give their blessing… to doctor #3 in another hospital.

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