Daily Archives: September 7, 2011


Yesterday my flat tyre was fixed. At last I had wheels again and could go places. So this morning I was on my way to Amstelveen for my meeting with other lap-band and gastric bypass patients. Getting there took a bit more time than expected, but I couldn’t put my finger on it why it was so.

Until after the meeting… I had another flat tyre, the same one which was just repaired. A friendly bicycle repair man a few streets from the Novarum building helped me out, pumping up the tyre again so I could drive home, or as far as possible. All I needed was somewhere were I could sit, have a coffee, and wait for the repair van of Welzorg.

They showed up within 15 minutes after the call, a record time, and another friendly repairman fixed the problem. He said he would report back to HQ, that they have to speed order two back tyres, there’s almost no profile left on them.

I’ve used this scooter since mid June 2007, and have used it well. Hope there will be some air in them by next Friday so I won’t miss my dentist appointment and be back on time to let the domestic help in.