Going Nowhere…

Hi boyz and girlz, it’s me Julius. We’re going nowhere the coming days, not that I don’t want to or Peter wants to, but due to a flat tire we’re stuck.

Yesterday we travelled to town, to surprise Wim & Pierre, but they were out, so our next stop was Peter’s “dealer” at Chocolàtl. Boy, does that stuff smell nice! I sniffed the whole store and ended up with nothing, just the smell… and some cookies Peter brought with him. He bought some kind of tea there, made of the husks of the cocoa beans. The papery skin rubs loose after roasting. It has the smell and taste of chocolate, but… not the calories. Okay, and some other kind of choc products too.

This morning when we were going for our first round of walkies, we noticed the chair of the scooter was way out of line, there would be no ‘breeze’ in our hair or face. So instead Peter walked with me around the block, as we normally do at our last round, before I try to hypnotize him into bed.

Peter made the call to Welzorg and they’ll be here on Friday, somewhere between 8 and noon. Hope the weather will be sunny then so we can spend some more time together outdoors.

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