Hearts & Queens

I wrote two earlier posts about ‘Hartjesdag’ [Day of Hearts] here in 2010, and here in 2009. Last Sunday was their last version, or as we call it: The After Party of Gay Pride.

Yours truly was ‘attacked’ by Zula, who wanted a Titanic moment, we didn’t get that far.

Peter, Zula and the Lady of Seville

The Five Degrees

Amy Housewine, there was a little white powder on the tip of her nose…

Member of the Jury, judging from the upstairs room of Het Mandje Amsterdam oldest Gay bar, since 1927

Fabiola, he’s always dressed-up, he calls himself a living artwork

Martien, “Sorry, my brakes are not working!”

NOT an average Dame

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…

High heels can kill, or how to sit un-ladylike

Shortage of fabric for a crinoline…

Dressed as himself

How they can walk on these is beyond me

Marie Antoinette and King Louis [first prize]

The Mozart Girls [second prize]

The Bag Ladies [third prize]

Look at that ‘hair’

The soft side of leather [flight suits]

All photos by Corrie, she squeezed herself in front of all these people, while I ‘holded the fort’ aka holding Court in front of Het Mandje.

9 thoughts on “Hearts & Queens

  1. @Jon, haven’t done drag since 1978, during a sales department party in London, UK, at a private home.

    @Andrew, this is on Zeedijk, every third weekend of August.

    @Urspo, in which you were dressed up as… ? If your patients could see you then! 😉

  2. Great pictures! I wonder what the guy behind Amy Housewine was pointing at. Also, living in Sevilla, it’s great to see the Lady of Sevilla. And we went down Fabiola just last night (the street in Sevilla, not the drag queen in your picture).

  3. I think that some of those Ladies need to shave. And you can’t fool me, I know that those high heel boots are yours.

  4. @Mitchell, don’t ever call Fabiola a drag queen, he’s from Belgium and people started to call him after the wife of King Boudewijn, Queen Fabiola.

    @Mark, nowadays I wear more comfortable shoes, but there was a time… 1975, when I worked retail at a specialist shoeshop [XXS to XXXXXXL], I walked in those type of shoes… for 5 minutes. After I banged my head on the doorframe it was over.

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