I arrived in the Eternal City, or close to it [it’s another 12 miles or so to the Roman Forum], just before six this evening. My colleagues have rooms in the main building and I have a chalet to myself with a small garden. I also know now why this hotel has over 800 rooms, it’s not housed in one but in three different buildings. We’re in #1 and 2 and 3 are along a mile long road.

After a quick change in ‘something more comfortable’, I wore some heavier clothes to save on weight in my suitcase, we met for drinks in Borgia Bar next to the pool. After a litre of sparkling water  and a cool glass of  white wine we started looking for a restaurant. One would think a place like this has one or more… no such luck. But the good news is there’s clubhouse with restaurant just across the road, also part of the hotel. There’s an 27 hole golf course in the grounds. One is a champion 18-hole one, and from the terrace we had a view of the lush green surroundings.

I had a light meal, more of a starter, as my main course. Pasta filled with ricotta on a tomato sauce base with grilled green asparagus and more water. Tomorrow “work” starts with breakfast at eight.

And I just realized what I forgot to bring… an alarm clock. The clock on the TV is 28 minutes ahead. One could wonder if they put women mostly in these chalets… I know, an eternal mistake called type casting. 😉

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  1. And don’t forget to do your hair and make-up before work tomorrow. Good luck and have fun. It’s 10PM here and I’m dying for pasta. I wonder why? m.

  2. @ Mark, you’re in good cpmpany… stomach comes first.
    @ Scott, my internal alarm clock was still on 6 o’ clock, have to check my cell for the alarm setting, thanks for the suggestion
    @Mitchell, the’re 3 people in my family who play golf, I’m not one of them. Instead I switched on the laptop and did some homework.

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