Monthly Archives: August 2011

Going Nowhere…

Hi boyz and girlz, it’s me Julius. We’re going nowhere the coming days, not that I don’t want to or Peter wants to, but due to a flat tire we’re stuck.

Yesterday we travelled to town, to surprise Wim & Pierre, but they were out, so our next stop was Peter’s “dealer” at Chocolàtl. Boy, does that stuff smell nice! I sniffed the whole store and ended up with nothing, just the smell… and some cookies Peter brought with him. He bought some kind of tea there, made of the husks of the cocoa beans. The papery skin rubs loose after roasting. It has the smell and taste of chocolate, but… not the calories. Okay, and some other kind of choc products too.

This morning when we were going for our first round of walkies, we noticed the chair of the scooter was way out of line, there would be no ‘breeze’ in our hair or face. So instead Peter walked with me around the block, as we normally do at our last round, before I try to hypnotize him into bed.

Peter made the call to Welzorg and they’ll be here on Friday, somewhere between 8 and noon. Hope the weather will be sunny then so we can spend some more time together outdoors.

Escaped From Custody…

For a change it was not Julius who escaped, but me.

Last night after our last walkies Julius mesmerized me with his ‘stare’ to go to bed. Just nudging my leg over and over again while I was working behind the computer. As if he wanted to say: “You’ve been out two nights in a row and only came back at 1 AM, while I was still waiting for you!” [Just as my Mum did when I was much younger, BTW]. So there I was, in bed by 10 PM, reading a book till eleven. Around one I was wide awake of course! I tried to leave the bed but… Mr Julius was blocking the way!

As some of you know by now, I can’t walk without shoes. Julius was blocking the way by sleeping against them and blocking another pair, so even leaving the bed on the other side was not an option. The only thing I could do was turn around and hope Mr Sandman would make a second round. Which he did.

Just before six AM I woke up again, the blockage of the shoes was gone, but… Mr Julius found an even better place to sleep… right on the part where I would step out of bed if I didn’t turn up the light before doing so. At least I could reach for my shoes and escape on the other side. When I came back with my camera ‘the prove’ was back in his basket, snoring and [muffled] barking in his sleep.

Of course I can take revenge on him for doing this, but on the other hand it’s also cute by the way he watches over me. With his nearly blind cataract eyes, being deaf for commands except for the word cookies of course. When he wakes up in a few hours or so he’ll get an extra belly rub… and a cookie.

The only question now is… how do I get into bed again without him knowing? [He has moved again and is blocking the open door]


A Dogably Pawfect Day #17

Hello boyz and girlz, it’s me Julius. I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, but I’m doing better since yesterday afternoon. Sometimes my stomach and intestines play up, and this week it just happened. Maybe it was something I ate from the street, or too many treats offered by Peter.

BTW, I don’t know what got into him, yesterday he went to a bar, and tonite he went again, leaving me all alone at home. Okay, the TV played, there was enough water and food in my bowl, the light in the bedroom was on, but still… I felt a bit lonely. Each time he tells me he’s going shopping, but he leaves the house without a bag…

I haven’t played in any leaves yet, even when the weather looks like Autumn. Peter walks me between the heavy showers, as soon as I start moaning.

Hope you all have a PAWFECT weekend, and if you can visit also Sean, David & Jon, they celebrate this day too.

Woof to you later!

The Morning After…

I had way to much alcohol [beer] last night, but it was fun. AND I wasn’t drunk!

My kind of beverages are normally diet sodas, or alcohol-free beer, so last night during the PinkNoord meeting, I had a few of the alcohol-kind. And a few glasses of blush wine. I even drank them in the right order. Beer first, wine later and some snacks in between.

It was nice to meet new people, and be recognised by others who I hadn’t seen in some time. Got even an invite for later tonite to meet at Het Mandje on Zeedijk, and one for Saturday to eat oysters at Landmarkt. I hope to attend both.

In other news: Julius is finally feeling better, it was not a mood swing after all, but more like stomach and intestine problems. He slept the days away and only wanted to get out for a necessary pee. So last night when I finally got home, just before 1AM, he was overjoyed and we went for a last round around the block. As soon as I sat on my bed, he stepped in his basket under it and was snoring the night away before I turned off the light.

I just booked a ticket to see David Sedaris, who’s coming to Amsterdam’s Royal Theater Carré, for a one-afternoon-only performance at the end of September. It will be fun to hear the reactions to the “six to eight black men“. Have to rearrange my schedule for that day a bit, since I’m also at the RAI exhibition center during the Meesterlijk event. I’m sure my colleagues can hold the fort when I’m away.