Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

Along The Way…

I was very early on my way to the rehabilitation department at AMC hospital this morning. Public transport picked me, and my scooter, up before seven this morning for my appointment at eight. With a large cappuccino in my hand I entered the department and could drive right through to see my foot therapist. 15 minutes later I was on my way home, but due to the nice weather I didn’t wait for a new taxi to bring me back but went my own way.

This time of the year, streets and cycle paths are dug up for necessary road works, or as we call it “Summer in Amsterdam, Welcome in the Sandbox!” I had to drive around one, two, three different road works and ended up in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. Again I took the Amsteldijk Noord to get back to the city, one of the reasons was to have a closer look at House Oostermeer, an estate along the banks of the Amstel river.

Alas, the gates are closed but you still can have a look on this site what the house and gardens look like. Further along the Amsteldijk I drove the scooter thru the backdoor of Amstelpark, which started as Floriade in 1972. Floriade is the World Horticultural Expo which every 10 years is held in the Netherlands. I passed that backdoor numerous times these past few years, but hadn’t been to the park in over 30 years. I was pleasant surprised that the Pinetum was still there and the same with the Japanese gardens and  Rhododendron Valley.

Driving criss-cross through town I ended up at Noordermarkt at Café Hegeraad, before I knew it a Koffie verkeerd was standing in front of me. They know the taste of their regulars. So in all it took me four hours to get back home and in the mean time an extra dose of vitamin D³ [sunshine].