Daily Archives: May 27, 2011

I’m Becoming A Regular…

This was my third Pink Noord event I went to with one difference, Corrie from next-door came this time with me. Beforehand she complained she was the only woman who said she would attend on the Facebook page, but during the evening around 10 women and transgendered people arrived. The one she had eyes for didn’t respond on her advances, but you never know how things work out when everyone is sobered up.

The new location, is a good one. In the old ferry house waiting room, one side is a restaurant and the other side is a bar / lounge area. The meeting is now a monthly one on the same location, instead of a quarterly event.

It was a pitty the weather changed the last few days abruptly, from sunny and warm to stormy and cold. Maybe next month the terrace can be used as well. After coffee Corrie and I split up, going our own way talking to people, but in the mean time we kept an eye on each other. That was something that wasn’t necessary at all, we both had enough things to talk about and interesting people to talk to.

Michel and Jack are great hosts, and if you don’t know someone they’ll take care of that too, by introducing you or steering a discussion in a certain direction so you can join in. They even invited someone from the Municipal Health Department GGD who would like to interview some of the GLBT’s for a research project.

In all about 50 persons attended, and many new faces. Also important within 4 weeks the next meeting will be held. So if you are a GLBT and live in the Amsterdam-Noord area you’re welcome to attend, but if you’re straight you’re welcome too.