Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

They All Laughed…

An Ajax football fan who had watched his club take the league title in a café in Amsterdam had the surprise of his life late on Sunday when the premier division trophy – a large silver plate – came rolling towards him as the bus carrying the players to the celebration passed by.

Players Maarten Stekelenburg and Jan Vertonghen were on top of the bus, holding the plate in the air for waiting fans to see. They then realised the bus was heading straight for a tram electricity cable, ducked and dropped the trophy onto the road.

The next bus rolled over the plate, which was picked up by a steward who gave it to 22-year-old Mitch van Helvert. He held it up triumphantly and danced around with it before it was taken from him by an official. ‘It was a boyhood dream come true,’ he told reporters later.

The plate has a large dent in it. [see above]

They all laughed when a cup won by Real Madrid came under the wheels of a bus, so who has the last laugh now?

Dropping the cup