Daily Archives: May 10, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step…

Yes, I did it again. Two steps forward and one step back.

It was more like a slide, stepping out of bed on Saturday morning and sliding away on one foot while trying to find my balance on the other. The only bad thing is that the other foot has a broken bone sticking out under the sole of that foot. I heard the crush but had no immediate pain, part due to neuropathy. Later that evening I saw I had two blisters one of which was open.

Since I had an open foot before I knew the procedure on how to act. Cutting out a circle of Aquacel Ag [a Hydrofiber® with antimicrobial action of ionic silver] and sticking it on the wound, a ‘horse-shoe’ made of a 1/4 inch thick piece of felt and a large plaster to keep it all in place.

Yesterday before I left home for a meeting in Zoetermeer I phoned the department at the hospital, telling them I couldn’t wait the full 6 months they had given me two weeks before, I had to see them on short notice. Knowing this Neuro-Ulcer clinic [NuPo] unit is always filled to the brim with patients I also asked for an X-ray form in advance, so the pix could be taken before my appointment. My appointment would be at 9.15 am and I was at the hospital at… 7.05 am, the department opens at 8! Enough time for a large cappuccino and a muffin as breakfast. At eight I picked up the form and drove to the department to have the X-rays taken, everything went quickly and before 8.30 I was back at NuPo. Half-an-hour before my official appointment I was on my way back home.

Got compliments on how I treated the wound, told them I learned it from the best, them my specialists. Have to be back in a week’s time so they can judge if it’s again two steps forward and no steps back.