Photos of Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

First of all, I didn’t make these shots, I borrowed them from the Parool newspaper site.

That’s HRH Princess Màxima, wife of the Crown Prince. Each year the café has a new sign with a royal or several royals on it, each year it’s a surprise what it will look like and it’s just for one day. More pictures of Koninginnedag you can find on the site of Het Parool

To stay in style “sliced Appeltjes van Oranje” Clean up after Queen’s Day in Het Parool

One thought on “Photos of Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

  1. I went through those photos. They are great!
    I love the escalator one. That is too cool.
    I’ll have you know that I wore orange most of Saturday. It didn’t dawn on me until Sunday that I must have been celebrating Queen’s day with you. m.

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