Daily Archives: April 30, 2011

My Queensday

When I was younger, much younger, like 25 years ago I would go into town and celebrate with the masses. Then it was still a party that happened between Amsterdammers, nowadays around a million people from the sticks flock to the city and try to take it over.  Also driving through a crowd in a scooter/wheelchair is not my kind of fun, if I want to see belly buttons I’ll go to the beach. So everything you read in the post below I didn’t do.

HRH with a hawk, April 30, 2011.

Instead I watched the Royal Family on tour in Thorn and Weert on TV. Each year HRH selects a province and two villages/cities she’s going to visit on Queens Day. On the day those places show The Family what the people normally do to celebrate her birthday. Also you can get very close to Royalty, shake their hands, give them gifts, get your picture taken with or by a royal, or maybe you’re showing a street game and you hope the princes’ and princesses join in.

BTW, the Royal Family consists of two groups of people. The Royal House which is led by HRH Queen Beatrix also her son Willem Alexander and his wife Màxima and their children belong to the House. They are paid by the government. [of course not the kids they get pocket-money, like coins with Grannies head on it]

The rest of the Royal Family have to find a job to keep a roof over their head.

Back to My Queens Day. I left home around 17.00 / 5pm and picked up Corrie my friend and neighbor, together we looked at the left behind junk of the “free market” which is held in the shopping mall across the streets, the shops are closed except those were you can buy food and drinks. The evening before the city put down huge containers for the left behind junk and those were already full, maybe this year they exceed their 35 tons of picked-up rubbish. We took our time to walk/drive to Het Sluisje, on top of the sluices they build a podium where life music was played. Boy… what a fucking klote noise! Any way we had a couple of beers and went back towards home after an hour or so. So in a way we stayed away from the crowds in the city but joined the crowd in front of the café on the sluice.