Being There

The mother of a my friend Wim died last Thursday. Today she’ll be buried in her little village in Northern Frisia. The announcement was certainly ment for local people since it’s all in the old Frysk language. Luckely Wim told me when and where all will take place.

I’ve met her twice in my life, same goes for his Dad, but talked many times with her on the phone. She wanted only the best for her son who lived so far away in the ‘big bad city’ of Amsterdam. Her other 4 kids live in the village or the nearest town 10 km/6.5 miles away.

Wim spend the last few weeks more up north to take care of his Mum, but also his Dad, who couldn’t cope with the stress of losing his wife of 59 years, but who he had known for many more, but also all the things needed to make the last days of her life the best they could provide.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Blije, to give her my last respects, to be there for Wim and his partner Pierre, to talk to Heit [Dad], and the rest of the family. Later Pierre an I will travel back to Amsterdam.

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  1. 59+ years is a very long time together. It must be devastating for his father. My thoughts are with them and you.

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