Daily Archives: March 23, 2011

What To Do

At last I’ve got some spare time again on my hands, and one of the things I thought about during the night “What to do… with the Thursday Recipes?” Do I stop them at the end of April, or… not.

I prepared a new series last year with regional dishes, but had them all deleted in January. They were not what I really wanted. Even in a country so small we have dishes some of us have never heard off.

If my Mum didn’t come from the south [as the crow flies 200 km/ 124 miles] we would never have heard from soer fleisch, or eaten it, in plain English: sour meat. The Limburger people add it to their french-fries, instead of mayonnaise.

So, where do I stop, at 250 recipes, until today there are 213 online, or do I go on beyond those two hundred and fifty. Time will tell.

I just found a booklet with good translatable Dutch recipes, the only thing is you’ve to go metric for the measurements, so no cups, ounces, or sticks of butter, but plain grams, millilitre and the like. And I’ll make PDF’s from them so they can be printed or put in a folder. The first one will appear on May 5, Liberation Day here in the Netherlands, but what will it be…