Tippin' the Scales

Finally We’ve Moved


A new season, a new website for the Guilds.

We moved virtually, I mean the three Guild’s website is finally online. Together with our members we have to iron out the creases  which are still on the site. We already picked out several things we didn’t agree on, but which are still on the site.

Maybe we, the webmasters, are blind for some of these things since we worked on this site for over a month, filling it with content, photo’s, documents, PDF’s, links, and numerous email-links. On some of the links you only have to type your name, address, city and postal code, to order a book. Or download an ordering form which you can fill out on your computer before you send it to one of the staff, who’ll take care of the order.

We all started out with eight buttons, in the same order and with the same name. In the mean time I’ve got 15 buttons and 52 sub-buttons!

UPDATE: You can find the site here: Mode van Top tot Teen in English it translates to Fashion from Head to Toe. I did the BvK part.

Author: Peter

I'm a man from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

6 thoughts on “Finally We’ve Moved

  1. Congratulations! Hard work, done is a good feeling.

  2. Excellent…you’ll have to post the site.

  3. Congratulations Peter!
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Hey Peter – just and FYI, I discovered that your comments are going into my spam filter. I read you comments through email but they’re not getting posted for some reason. I’ll see what do to correct the problem. Sean

  5. Wow. I really should have reread that.

  6. It looks great! m.

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