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As many of you know, we Dutch have a reputation in the world when it goes from getting something for a very low price or better yet for free.

ONLY today you can travel, within the Netherlands, with the book gift, or the e-book gift, to any city, village the Dutch railroads stop at. No other ticket is necessary.

Now I’m wondering how many will complain, also a Dutch invention, why the train is late or doesn’t stop at a certain station! The latter has to do because it’s a Sunday. The first no-one knows, not even Dutch Railroads HQ.

You should see the Netherlands, because it’s so small, as a very big city, the railroads are our bigger ‘metro’ system, with 380 stations and 4800 trains covering the country 24/7. At most of the train stations you’ll find bus stations to bring you closer to your destination. Larger cities also have a tram or metro system running.

I, on the other hand will stay at home, I do not have the need to get squeezed in a train just because you have the right free [e-]book with you as a ticket.

Author: Peter

I'm a man from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “Travel For Free

  1. That sign is perfect. We use the same analogy for project work. You can’t have it all!

  2. Train? What’s a train? (the American asks) 😀


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