Tippin' the Scales

Written Portraits


Can you name the people shown in these four posters?

They are all Dutch authors, some are world-famous, others only world-famous in our own country.

Geschreven Portretten – Written Portraits is this year’s theme for the book week we’re having. These weeks count 10 days btw.

Also this year a free book for everyone who buys a book. Kader Abdolah is this years author of the gift. This free book reaches one in eight persons here in the Netherlands.

Author: Peter

I'm a man from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

4 thoughts on “Written Portraits

  1. I thought one of them was Oscar Wilde

  2. Twice within twenty minutes I find myself reading about this event.

  3. @ Urspo, these are Dutch authors. The girl is Anne Frank

    @Andrew, don’t you have a general Book promotion week in Australia? June is the month of the Mystery book, many people buy a mystery because in June, July, August, September most people take their 3 week vacation [15 days + sat + sunday].

  4. It certainly would not be a national book week, but there are state or city book promotion weeks of various kinds. No one takes too much notice except for the ‘industry’, maybe schools and very serious readers.

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