Tippin' the Scales



Or maybe it just feels like that.

We had another lesson last Saturday on how to use CMS on the new website for the Guilds, yes it’s plural now, 4 websites in one. The main one which only has news items that covers all 3 Guilds and two webmasters for every group covering the remaining three sites.

After coming home in the afternoon, I didn’t switch on the laptop [for a change] but went for a cup of tea next door. Later that evening, since there was nothing enjoyable on TV, I started to fill in some of the content, that’s the easy part. Adding photo’s is something different. You can download a group of photos with ease, as long as you use them all on one page. Single photos like headers… is a whole different story, if you’re lucky one every hour [!]

So Sunday was spent behind the keyboard too, and Monday afternoon/evening/late night was not any different. Most content is on it now, some re-writes still have to be done. Next to that I hope to figure out, on short-term, how to make a form and to connect a database to it all.

BTW, saw my specialist yesterday morning. As expected he was not impressed by the blood results, only by the weightloss. Have to be back in 3 months time and see another one in two.

Author: Peter

I'm a man from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “Chained…

  1. The CSM? Is that like a CMS/WMS – content (web) management system?

  2. @ Rick, slip of the keyboard, it’s a CMS system.

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