Or maybe it just feels like that.

We had another lesson last Saturday on how to use CMS on the new website for the Guilds, yes it’s plural now, 4 websites in one. The main one which only has news items that covers all 3 Guilds and two webmasters for every group covering the remaining three sites.

After coming home in the afternoon, I didn’t switch on the laptop [for a change] but went for a cup of tea next door. Later that evening, since there was nothing enjoyable on TV, I started to fill in some of the content, that’s the easy part. Adding photo’s is something different. You can download a group of photos with ease, as long as you use them all on one page. Single photos like headers… is a whole different story, if you’re lucky one every hour [!]

So Sunday was spent behind the keyboard too, and Monday afternoon/evening/late night was not any different. Most content is on it now, some re-writes still have to be done. Next to that I hope to figure out, on short-term, how to make a form and to connect a database to it all.

BTW, saw my specialist yesterday morning. As expected he was not impressed by the blood results, only by the weightloss. Have to be back in 3 months time and see another one in two.

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