Daily Archives: February 8, 2011

Fungi On My Plate

Through the storm I drove to town on Saturday, not only to buy flowers, but also to get some specialised food stuff. 

Spinach and ricotta tartlets and bread with cheese, speck and onions in them. My olive vendor was nowhere to be seen, maybe the storm or his one month old daughter kept him home.

At least Nathasha from Portabella, with her mushrooms was around. She ran out of her home-made soup, but gave the ingredients* and the recipe anyway. *these were paid for of course.

Two hands full of chanterelle grise, one hand sliced porcini, and one hand cut shiitake. Stir fry the mushrooms in one tablespoon of oil, in the meantime boil one liter of water and add a vegetable cube to the water, or use a clear vegetable broth. Add the stir fried mushrooms to the broth and serve.

For a quick mushroom soup I can always use of course Vitam Wild Mushroom-Yeastbroth, mostly made of porcini.

I didn’t drink the whole liter, there’s still enough left for later today.