I enjoyed my day out to Düsseldorf and Cologne, but didn’t go to Essen. What I also didn’t do was eating a sour dough pretzel or dining somewhere.

My intended meeting was moved from Essen to Düsseldorf, which fitted better and so did the trousers I ordered made-to-measure. Only a few alterations are needed and then they will be sent to me by post.

Next stop was Cologne, where I arrived at noon. A taxi dropped me off at the Friesenplatz at Weingarten Outsize Men Shop, because of all the weight I lost over the last few months, I now fit in ‘normal’ trousers. For the first time in over 40 years I bought jeans by Pierre Cardin, or as we call him Piet Gordijn [Pete Curtain]. Another V-neck pullover [electric blue] by März and some chinos, and since all my belts are too long, two shorter new ones. It’s still to early in the season for short sleeve shirts or polo shirts, so another trip south will happen in a few months time.

Close by the Friesenplatz on the Hohenzollern Ring there’s a store of Taschen Publishers, I only went in to have a look… and came out with 2 books and a cassette with prints.

All this shopping and schlepping with goods made me mühde, in your language that’s tired. At Taschen they were so kind to call a taxi which dropped me off at Cologne Central where I catched a train back home, 6 hours prior to my original time. I almost got a fine of 60 euros for doing so, but the conductor recognised me from early this morning so I only paid the € 26.40 for the trip between Cologne and Emmerich [last station in Germany before the Dutch border]. 

Next thing to do… eat & drink something, where’s the snert and rye bread?!

Sorry, I didn’t take photo’s, my hands were filled with bags and a crutch.

3 thoughts on “Mühde…

  1. Anymore I get tired just waking up in the morning. 😉 I think I would have been quite tired myself from such a trip. It does sound as if it were a productive one.

  2. All of this sounds so good, my friend. I am so happy for you. I am sure you’re are thrilled, as well.

    Now, just keep this in mind as the magical Spo shirt makes its way to your doorstep. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


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