Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Creative part 2

For the certificates I used a dressmakers dummy, a stock image from Microsoft, which I altered by using the home-colors of the Guild, orange, purple and lavender.

Where needed I added extra lines, so the cut-out wouldn’t fall apart.

On tear-off palette sheets I painted squibbles, mixing acrylic paints adding gold, bronze and pewter colored paints for a luxury effect. So it looks like fabric and every certificate has a different design.

And the end result will look like this…

Now I better start with those cards, the special ones, that go abroad to blogger friends of which I have an address.


I woke up this morning with ART on my mind. I still have to finish 10 certificates for the Guild but also cards for the end of season festivities.

The certificates are cut out, I did that a week ago, but they still have to be filled in with a non figurative painting. The cards on the other hand… I still have to figure out how I’ll add my own signature to them.

In the mean time 90 minutes have gone since I woke up and all I’ve done is reading emails, visiting RSS sites and sending some mails. So to start I really have to shut down the computer and only switch it on after I’ve done all my projects. Maybe you’ll get a view of what I’ve done… or not! 😉