Daily Archives: October 4, 2010


You might wonder what a party has to do with St. Francis, as depicted to the left by Giotto, titled: Sermon to the Birds.

Not much really, but my little furry friend Julius was a dog wandering the streets in Poland, until his first keeper brought him back to the Netherlands. My sister and BiL are the 2nd keepers and I’m the uncle who takes care of him during vacations or long weekends. So we have no date of birth, and we think he’s 15 or 16 years old.

Last Saturday I dropped a ‘birthday-card’ off at his home and a bag of treats. My sister asked why and I told her Monday is October 4, World Animal Day, and since we don’t know that much about him, his un-official birthday. Her next question “Why are there so many embedded points on the card?” [There are many swirls and circles as decoration on it.] I said “Don’t you get it? The dog is almost blind! Now he can read it!!!” A long silence followed, then “Oh, yeah…”  There’s sucker born every minute, but being family makes it worse. 😉

Some of the treats were swallowed in whole while others he nourished for a long time. In 2½ weeks time we take care for each other again, when his keepers are on a week-long visit to Rome. And there’s an extra bag of those treats already stored in the kitchen.

Happy Birthday Julius!!!