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Decadent Lunch…

Sometimes you just have to do something different, so for lunch I had blintz [we call them blinis] topped with crème fraiche [in French it means “fresh cream”] and trout caviar. An ideal mix of fibres, dairy and fish oils.

These six were a bit much, but I fought my way through them. 😉 Later today I’ll visit the Farmers Market on Haarlemmerplein where they will have a tasting event, it’s the Week of Taste after all, and I can’t do my shopping on Saturday because I’ve to work for the Guild that day.

UPDATE: I’m just back from the taste event on Haarlemmerplein, dinner was covered with all the free food I could taste. I saw many familiar faces as vendors but also clients. I bought some savory pies, Sicilian olives soaked in red wine [a taste out of this world], a flute [French bread] with olives, corn-fed chicken breasts, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and a marbled eggplant. So I’m covered till Sunday.

I Would Like To Thank The Academy…

Mark, of Our Simple Lifes… surprised me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Part of receiving this award includes listing seven interesting things about myself that my readers probably don’t already know. That’s the hard part, I think I’m an open book.

  1. As I kid I hated to wear a Knickerbocker, which was fashionable in the early twenties of the 1900’s, but not in 1965! And my Dad worked in fashion, go figure. So I fell, and it was ripped, and he made a Bermuda out of it… a corduroy Bermuda!
  2. I studied at the Graphic Highschool here in Amsterdam, I liked the parts where you worked with your hands, but I didn’t give a rats-ass what the chemicals were made off. I left after a year, but still love the feel of paper and fonts.
  3. In 1746 my great-, great-, great- etcetera grandfather came to Amsterdam, he was a tailor, the oldest son in my family, since then,  has been a tailor too. I’m the exception to the rule, I’ve already a problem sewing on a button.
  4. All the first sons have the same three initials, P.G.H., they are either called Piet or Peter. 
  5. That’s another thing that stops with me, no kids.
  6. The Thursday Recipes come from all over the WWW, some I’ve made, but most not. I live alone and then you don’t cook for 4 or 6 often. Where others eat 1 portion, I can only eat half of that amount. Next to that my freezer is far to small to put in leftovers.
  7. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for Macadamia Nut Brittle ice cream from Häagen Dasz.

And now here is the part where I embarrass others. And I find this difficult for me since I feel like I’m picking “favorites”.  But here they are and here is why I have chosen them.

Josh at Gay Spirit Diary. We met online after I read a book he wrote in 2001, I was with both feet and legs in plaster and had all the time in the world to read, or texting via AOL. We met in 2005 and 2009 and spend a vacation together. And then there is difference between us, he a lay-minister, web-vicar and I’m a former Catholic. Over the years he’s become a Best Friend.

Michael of Temporary Trouble Spots. He brings a smile to my face each morning with his witty posts. Last year when I was in Chicago, we couldn’t fix a date to meet each other, but we’re still young…  

The Cajun of On Transmigration. He has conquered hardship, losing his job and finding another one in a totally different field. Just like me he loves good food. Next to that a friend of his knows Josh too. It’s a small world after all.

Since they didn’t say how many you can forward the award to, here’s my last one:

Lemuel of The Greedy Maelstrom, His posts are not that often, but regular. And he’s a regular commenter to my posts. He’s an optimistic man who loves his Princess and his wife too. If times had been different in his early years he would have made another personal choice, but becoming a Grandfather is something he looks forward to.

Rules For The Versatile Blogger Award

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After the Novarum meeting last Thursday, btw I lost 1.8 kilos, one of my fellow weight fighters invited me for coffee at her new place along the shores of the IJ waterway.  I lend her a book “Mindless Eating” [why we eat more than we think] by Brian Wansink Ph.D., which she found inspiring. While walking into her building I saw this →

A modern version of a classical tile, even the border is made up of large-scale reproductions.

Across the hallway there were more tiles, each with its own story. The buildings which stood in this neighborhood before where warehouses for the VOC, Dutch East India Company, the first multinational in the world. Next to spices they brought back china, as ballast in the belly of their ships, to the Republic of the Seven United Provinces, of which Holland was one. 

On the sliver of land she lives on, the first train station of Amsterdam was build, it opened on October 15, 1878 and closed on the same day eleven years later. After the new Amsterdam Central Station opened, cargo would go on and off on ships or transported by train to the hinterlands.

Also some of the wharfs of the Amsterdam part of the VOC were here.

Next to the blue ceramics there are photos on tiles of how the area looked like, and the type of businesses that were located here.