Who would have thought I packed 10 large boxes with books from my personal collection to give away. I still have 20 boxes in the basement to check and wouldn’t be surprised if 15 of them end at IHLIA¬†, the International Homo and Lesbian Archives at the Public Library here in Amsterdam. Last year my Gay DVD’s went there and they are even interested in porn…

When living in a small apartment with over 4,000 books and you need space, something needs to be done. And this is something I can do for my community. I enjoyed the time I spend in them [the books] and maybe others can enjoy them too.

Next, what to do with the space I’ve created…

One thought on “Packing…

  1. I’m still trying to figure out some good homes for more of my books, although I must admit that I have less to deal with now than do you. Although not gay nor porn, my books are of such a select interest that finding places that will accept them here (and not just throw them in the dump) is difficult.

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