Gay Pride Parade

It started with 5 Gay weddings on the boat of the City, performed by Mayor Job Cohen, the first couple see movie are friends of a friend. AT5 is a local broadcaster but this news item could be seen all over Europe. These ‘mixed’ marriages are made up of Dutch and American same-sex couples. I know that one of their gifts, for the first couple, were… rainbow clogs. [Did I start a trend?!]

Gay Pride 2009 AmsterdamI left for town around 11.30 not knowing, then, I wouldn’t be back till 12 hours later. First stop Wim and Pierre who live near Prinsengracht, the main canal for the Parade. Around 13.00 I took in my place along the canal, my neighbor Corrie would come by bus and tram, she didn’t need to bring a thing just a good mood, which she did. In a cool-bag I had bottles of wine, 1 blush and 2 white, several cans of Coke, botteled water, sliced cooked sausage, cubes of cheese, “mini-stroopwafels” and enough glasses to pass around when needed.  The atmosphere was great on the quays, in the small boats in front of us but also on the bridges. The parade was started by the Police. Then came the boat of the City [see top of this post] and all the other floats, you can see them here.

At the end of the parade, around 16.30 we went for something to eat and drink on Rozengracht, just around the corner of Prinsengracht. Here some other friends of Corrie joined us and later we tried to reach Rembrandt Square for the Vivelavie Bar, I was glad I brought my wheels with me, at least I had a seat. Thousands of people where standing in a small street, tram lines that have to go through that same street were re-routed.

Around 20.00 I told Corrie I had enough and wanted to leave and since she wasn’t walking straight anymore I took her with me. It took us an hour to reach Nieuwmarkt a walk of normally 10 minutes but because of the masses it took a bit more. Just of Nieuwmarkt on Geldersekade live friends of Corrie, they are in their 80’s but are open minded and watched the Parade on TV. After a cup of coffee and a talk I put Corrie in a taxi telling her I would be home in 30 minutes and tuck her in. 😉

At home she said the taxi driver knew me, she never mentioned the street where we live but he dropped her off at the right spot. Now I’m wondering which driver that has been… We finished the day almost the same as we started it, she in her duster and I dressed. The difference at 10 we had breakfast together and at 23.30 a glass of water after all the booze…

This was her first Gay Pride, since she is most years abroad, but I have the feeling it won’t be her last.

3 thoughts on “Gay Pride Parade

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics! What a fantastic parade. Thanks for including a pic of yourself and your neighbors.

    Peter says: The little red-head is my neighbor, we’ve been friends and neighbors for almost 29 years.

  2. What a fun, yet exhaustive day you had. Looks like you had front row seating for the parade…a perfect spot! It was nice to see that you got “lei’d” at the end of the day. 😉

    Peter says: I had 3 rows in front of me, not counting the boats in the canal. To take the pictures I only had to stand up in my scooter and you know how tall I am…

    Unfortunatly that was all the “lei’d” I got 😦

  3. Sounds like a blast. One of these days, I’d like to see that parade.

    Peter says: We still have a dinner-date when you come this way.

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