Wooden Shoes

Just to answer Ur-Spo’s comment on the Tulips post below:


Here they are in their rough state, waiting to be painted so tourists can buy them and take them home as a souvenir from the Netherlands.


The few Dutchmen and Dutchwomen who still wear these clogs, are from an older generation and they never wear them inside their homes.


These are only made to order, no police officer would chase a criminal on these.


UPDATE: Design your own wooden shoes.

5 thoughts on “Wooden Shoes

  1. Do they sell them with “swooshes” on the sides. 😉

    Peter says: I first had to find out what “swooshes” are, and I can confirm they can be made with swooshes and when you run hard enough you can hear them too! 😀

  2. lovely, that is a what Yanks think the Dutch is all about.

    Only things left are the edam/goudas and the chocolates……

  3. Aw, Urspo, the Dutch have marketed these things within an inch of their lives. I bet the government pays those “few Dutchmen and Dutchwomen who still wear these clogs” to be walking tourist attractions, mobile billboards (and covers their podiatrist bills). You can buy chocolate and cheese anywhere, but for shoes made out of dead trees, there’s only one place. Peter probably gets a kickback for posting this. After all, he’s a leader in the fashion industry, a purveyor of puppy pictures, a famous food aficionado; why shouldn’t he throw a little business to the shoe souvenir shops? “You can even get them custom made!”

    BTW, I want mine in rainbow colors…

    Peter says: What shoe size do you have? I forgot since last time. 😉
    It would make a nice birthday gift.

  4. One of my staff members is Dutch. When he last visited his family, he brought me back a pair of wooden shoes. They were eventually comfortable once my feet got broken in!

  5. Talk about a wall of fire hazards! I actually like the effect the wooden shoes create with the rows and columns of them.

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