And the winner will be…

staatslot_01If you ever wanted to play in the Dutch State Lottery’s New Years Eve drawing it is too late, for the first time in 282 years all the 5 million tickets where sold out early this morning.

The stakes are high, 25 million euros as a top prize and a roll-over jackpot of also 25 million euro.
In 1726, the forerunner of the Dutch State Lottery, the General Lottery was established. Lotteries were in those days frequently used methods of funding by the local authorities. In that year it was decided that all these different lotteries where to merge in a collective lottery. There was a design contest for ideas for this lottery. After a proposal by Adolf Husk, they first figured out if all would work out financially, his idea was rewarded with 500 guilders, a huge amount in those days. In 1848, the name of the General Lottery transformed into Dutch State Lottery.

UPDATE: My ticket won… zero euros!

2 thoughts on “And the winner will be…

  1. Well, if I’m too late, I’ll be content with 20% of your winnings. *giggle*

    Peter says: Someone tried that before in the Netherlands, not with this lottery but the Postal Code Lottery, even went to court for it. She lost her case!
    Not playing means no winnings, but you know me… you never know… and it all depends on the prize!

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