Pink is the word…

logo_pinkchristmasThis year Amsterdam will host a special pink Christmas event. From December 18th until December 28th 2008, Amsterdam’s city centre will be decorated in the token of Pink Christmas. Part of the program is a Christmas market on Sunday December 21st in the Reguliersdwarsstraat. Nothing is holy this Christmas, apart from the love between two human beings. During the Christmas market there will be a living nativity scene with two Joseph’s and two Maria’s. The organiser of this event, ProGay, wishes to use this event as a manner in which to make homosexuality visible. The living gay-Christmas crib will be on display in the garden of Bar Arc, in the Reguliersdwarsstraat. This contemporary version of the biblical tale can be seen from 13.00- 19.00 hours. Visitors can be pictured in this scenery, showing their gay-identity, together with Joseph, Maria or one of the other characters in living nativity scene. The Christmas market, in this street famous for its nightlife, will also have an ice-rink, a winter beer tasting and lots of stands with DVD’s, books and other Christmas presents. The Christmas market is a part of Pink Christmas. From December 18th until December 28th all sorts of activities will take place. April bar, in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, will host a Christmas tree exposition. Over 15 gay-organisations all have their own decorated Christmas tree, adorned in light of a current theme in their field of interest.
we-are_logoOther events include a Pink Christmas celebration at the Keizersgrachtkerk, several women’s activities and the Pink Movie days, with over a hundred gay movies from the Netherlands and abroad. The most up-to-date program is available on the website Pink Christmas is an initiative of the ProGay foundation, organiser of the successful Amsterdam Gay Pride. “Tolerating homosexuality without allowing gays and lesbians to be visible, is not real social acceptation,” ProGay- president Frank van Dalen explains. “Events such as Pink Christmas allow homosexuality to become more noticeable; less obscurity often makes less unloved.” In the coming years, Pink Christmas is set to become a large winter event. The new initiative tries to bring a stop to the much heard complaint of gays and lesbians that the winter does not offer enough entertain. Pink Christmas combines fun, culture, party and emancipation. “There’s a lot to celebrate, but also still a lot to fight for,” van Dalen states. “Both worlds can embrace each other at Pink Christmas.”

The 12th edition of the Roze Filmdagen (Pink Film Days) is an international film festival focusing on gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered films and filmmakers. This year we will screen over 100 film titles from 30 countries. We will have 62 screenings for you so there will be lots to enoy…

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2 thoughts on “Pink is the word…

  1. What is the reaction of the general public to this event there?

    I have to agree with Steven. Should it be tried over here it will send the religious right and wing nuts (Dobson, O’Reilly, etc.) into terminal apoplexy.

    Hmmm…. Maybe we *should* try it then! *grin*

    In general people are looking forward to it, normally there’s nothing to do in the days before Christmas. All the ‘Christkindle markets’ held in Amsterdam before were so over-commercial that people stayed away. There was no atmosphere on the squares, not the way they have it in neighboring countries or in the South of the country.

    As you can see the agenda is full with things to do, I’m even thinking of going to the mass on the 25th, and I’m not even religious any more.

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