Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

Autumn Meme

A bit lighter fare, courtesy of Ur-Spo and Lemuel

Have you ever been apple picking?
No, I live in the city, but I picked cherries while on vacation in the American Midwest [does that count too?]

Is there a dish you make/eat only during this time of the year?
Dutch Pea Soup [for recipe see last week]

Will you attend a ‘tail gate’ party this season?
No. [Had to Google it first]

When do you turn on the heat?
This apartment is so well insulated that I don’t turn up the heat in winter, and in summer it’s too hot indoors.

How many sweaters do you own?
I own four, only use them when it’s chilly.

Are you fond of Nouveau Beaujolais wine?
That’s a hype, that wine is too young to have a full body.

Do you get excited about Hallowe’en?
No. Not at all.

How about Thanksgiving?
Neither, I live abroad so why should I celebrate an American holiday.

Is there an activity you do only in the autumn?
I try to paint on canvas.

Have you ever burned leaves?
Only as a naughty experience at school eons ago, it involved a Bunsen burner.

Do you own any ‘scarecrow’ decorations?
Only when I look in the mirror! 😉

Do you plant bulbs?
No, I have a rock garden on my balcony.

Your fondest autumn memory?
Walking through a National Park, eating pancakes at the end of the long trek, I was very young then.