Tuschinski Theater

The Amsterdam Tuschinski Theater is considered one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. Visitors are very impressed with the thousands of electrical lamps, the marble, the stunning stained glass windows and the exotic objects d’art. The theater opened its doors in 1921 and is a mix of Art Deco and Amsterdam School styles.

Visitors enter the Tuschinski fairy-tale world on deep-piled carpets. The entrance and the foyer feature stunning decorations, including peacocks, common cranes and butterflies. One of the hall’s showpieces is the famous 150-square meter-large hand-knotted carpet. Another striking detail is the cupola.

In 1921 this was a huge sensation for the people who came to the theater. Founder Abraham Tuschinski commissioned top artists to incorporate the various styles he loved in the building.
Abraham Tuschinski’s dream came true when the theater opened in 1921. He was of the opinion that every person had a right to relaxation.

He wanted people to forget their everyday cares and worries in his theater. Tuschinski was built as a theater in which visitors can really enjoy themselves. Various celebrities have entertained the public on the stage in the main auditorium, including Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf and Josephine Baker. These days Tuschinski is mainly a cinema. The main auditorium, which seats 1290, has many surprises.

In the arch over the film screen you will recognize the four elements of water, air, fire and earth. The two figures in the middle lift a dazzling sun above their heads. This sun symbolizes the light of the film projector. The cinema has been renovated a number of times. The most recent restoration was quite a drastic one. The current owner decided to reinstate Tuschinski, a national monument, to its former glory.

First in 1984, the whole cinema carpet has been redone using the original thread in Morocco. Somehow, despite having the identical colours and the original thread, the carpet’s patterns have been lost. Still the effort was enormous. The carpet for the main foyer was 50m long and had to flown in one piece to Amsterdam by a KLM plane. KLM covered the cost of this cargo (more than $ 100.000). At the back of the old cinema, a modern annex has added with three more screens. The technical equipment of the cinema has been modernized.

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  1. Dazzling pictures! One of the things I hope to do with Davis when we’re in New York is to take him to the theater. When I first went to Broadway years ago, I was struck by how shabby most of the old theaters had become—though Tuschinski was right, the building itself should transport you. Since my youth, New York’s finally built some new theaters and renovated the rest. Imagine Davis walking in one day to the Tuschinski and seeing what Amsterdam has to offer!

    Just accompany him to the Synod of the Anglican Church in London, after that it’s just a short hop to Amsterdam, we both can make it happen!!

  2. Great photos! I love the dark rich colors and you captured a good sense of scale with how long the lobby is. And the view up from the orchestra level is impressive!

  3. Beautiful! Just stumbled across this after doing a search for art-deco fairies for diy xmas gift research and realised this is the very same gorgeous cinema I stepped into earlier this year 🙂 Utterly spellbinding and makes me somewhat embarrassed at the condition of all other movie theatres!

  4. i was living in the early seventies for 2 years in amsterdam. the moment i entered tuschinsky i felt in love with that movie. at that time there was this organplayer who played before the movie started. how i loved it . . . 🙂

  5. I love the Tuschinski and visit when I’m in Amsterdam. I’ll watch anything as long as it’s in the Tuschinski. But I wanted to encourage you with your lapband. I’ve had it done now for 5 months and it’s wonderful. Much easier than I thought it would be – in fact perhaps a little too easy. I can still eat wonderful meals (I’m a chef) and I’m gradually losing. I feel great. I’m sure you will too. Thanks for the blog.

  6. I know of this link, but since this post went up, almost 5 years ago, I haven’t written an update.

    But you’ll never know…

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