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Red blood cellsToday I had my intake with the anesthesiologist, he checked my filled in questionnaire, and he checked my blood pressure and oxygen in the blood. We talked about diabetes and Charcot, of the last I had to explain what it is and what it does to you. And of course he explained to me what is going to happen the day before surgery and so on.

Next I had my blood tested for hemoglobin and glucoses and they made an ECG film. Since I was still sober after all these tests I drove to the new Bagels & Beans in the Detroit-building, you have great view to the new Java Island and Quay. After my big cup of cappuccino and my bagel with melted cheese, I did some shopping on KNSM Island and drove back thru the gardens of Java Island before crossing the Jan Schaeffer Bridge so I could catch the ferry to go back home.

In the mean time, since being home, I’ve made an appointment at the clinic for eating disorders for next Monday. –NO I’ve not anorexia and I’m not bulimic, but 90% of their patients are, the rest is made up of people with too much weight.

The picture looks like modern art but it is a 3-dimensional structure of hemoglobin, see also the link to Wikipedia below

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  1. At last you have joined the wonderful world of blogging! Welcome! Good luck with your health endeavours! Be well Peter.

  2. Congratulations, P, you took two more steps, got that intake done and made an appointment at the eating disorders place.

    Sometimes when we have medical needs and competent, trustworthy clinicians, succeeding at difficult goals is a matter of simply following their directions as best we can – and asking for help when we can’t. A cooperative attitude is a good thing to cultivate, along with an ability (which I don’t doubt you have) to ask questions along the way. I used to tell some of my clients in M’ville, “These people really do know what they’re doing, so if you’ll follow where they lead, they’ll bring you to a good place.”

    Of course, what trips up a lot of addicts is fear. Change can not only be difficult, it can be maddening. We all need a lot of tools, because probably no single approach works best. I’ve been getting into meditation lately, 20 minutes of mostly silent contemplation in a special chair. That’s proving more helpful for me than the most popular advice, which I tried, but it just isn’t suitable for me.

    I hope you find the tools that are right for you (including blogging!) that help you get through the fear and make the changes you want to make. As long as you care to write, I will check in here every day.

    Love yourself as you love your neighbor. (It’s like a mantra!)

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