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Day 13 – Slow Boat To…

imageThat’s me, on a slow boat to China Cape Town, together with some of the stuff I left behind on the ship.

I can live without the silk tie but I can’t without the wire and adapter of my Kindle. I’ve ordered a wire from Amazon in the USA, but they were sold out of European adapters. That one is coming from Amazon in Germany… but they are sold out of wires that fit. Luckely the iPad USB wire and adapter are sold anywhere.



Close-up on a washing machine with clean colorful clothesGetting of the ship wasn’t a problem, finding Dad’s suitcase was. His smaller one we had in a jiffy, the larger one was a problem, or he made a problem out of it. It couldn’t be found… he was looking at black ones but in the end it turned out he brought a navy one with him.

My sister and brother-in-law picked us up at the terminal and brought us home. Two days before embarking the cruise staff told us not to put passports and other important stuff you would need in your luggage. I had my cellphone on me, my passport, but where were my damn house keys! In the luggage of course.

Thankfully I have good neighbors who took care of my mail and have a spare key, so I phoned them in advance. Meanwhile my shirts are in the washer, I’ve done some reading for work and posted an article. Next I’ll need to do some shopping, something for lunch and dinner. Back to the old life where you have to take care of yourself and not have waiters around you.

If you would ask me now “would you do it again?”, my answer would be NO! But maybe in the future with an American company… who knows.

When I closed the iPad last night I just had 34 seconds left on satellite time, so I used it to the fullest.

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Day 11 – Homeward Bound

On the Solent towards Portsmouth and IJmuiden (Amsterdam)

On the Solent towards Portsmouth and IJmuiden (Amsterdam)

We are on our last stretch, leaving the port of Southampton to cross the English Channel again, but now going east-north-east for the next 260 nautical miles to IJmuiden.

Last nights diner went well, we had four other Dutch people at our dinner table. On request no birthday songs or a cake.

I’ve to make it short, I’m running out of satellite time.

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Day 10 – When In Rome…

imageWhen in Rome, or in our case Southampton, do as the locals do. Go to the mall for your shopping. Normally we stay away from the shopping centre on a Saturday, too many people who don’t know what to do with their spare time.

When we still had a shop we would welcome Saturday shoppers. But nowadays neither my Dad or I go to that mall anymore. We do some leftover shopping on the farmers markets around town.

To celebrate his birthday we had Fish & Chips for lunch. Now we’re both sitting in a lounge, on board, before we go up to our cabins for a nap. We both walked further than the days before. We don’t need a gym, we might need a massage…

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Day 10 – Birthday Boy

Okay, he’s not a boy anymore. I gave him a call at seven this morning to congratulate him on becoming 91. Of course we all hope we can celebrate it many more times. Finally I could unload the thing I carried with me wherever we went…

How often do you see your Dad, at this age, shaving surrounded by a Happy Birthday garland.

How often do you see your Dad, at this age, shaving surrounded by a Happy Birthday garland.


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